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A psychosexual crime thriller guaranteed to drop your jaw.  


A good cop with a bad sex addiction chases a sociopathic killer with a depraved lust for fetish and violence. Our investigator wrestles his personal demons while exposing Los Angeles's love affair with scandalous taboo. It takes one to know one, and when an evil predator terrorizes his family, L.A.P.D. Special Detective Archie Blue Jr. will risk everything to end this savage lunatic and his mission of murder. Hopefully Archie’s wife and daughter can stay safe from at least one of these men.


Audacious and defiant, justice is rarely served in such gritty triumph.

The wait is over. Psycho-Sexual Noir is here! Thrilling yet terrifying, like the experience on a crazy roller coaster. L.A. Kills is an addicting page-flipper. I had to find out what happened. I couldn't stop reading.

Saint Zen

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